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  • Awkwerrrd Comic Calendar 2020
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In the middle of all my procrastination, I realised I hadn’t got around to preparing our wedding invites, much to my wife’s chagrin. With a month or so go go, and no one who could help me, I stumbled across Bhaghya and awkwerrrrrd.

Someone who interacts with the people they’re doing work for, and is looking for feedback/criticism, let’s you know that they actually care about what they put out. We never had to hound Bhaghya, she’d get back to me for my opinion and accomodate everything we asked for.

The wedding card we got at the end, is pretty much what we had in mind, and thanks to Bhaghya for helping translate that on to paper. Needless to say there were dozens of people asking us who made our card, and mentioning how much they liked it. Cheers !!

Jeetu Joseph

I always wanted a wedding invitation card which would be a little different from the regular ones. And as soon as I saw Bhaghya’s work on Insta, I fell in love with the cards that she had made earlier. My immediate reaction was to ping her, which I did and she responded. Post that we had sessions discussing how and what I wanted on my invite and she put them onto the paper(or may be iPad). It was an amazing experience to have her work on my wedding invite which I was very specific about. She almost made it like a perfect dreamy card. And the colors that were used on the card were picked up for the theme of my wedding(not kidding!) overall a happy experience and would definitely recommend anyone looking for a lovely invite to approach her. Bhaghya, Lots of love to youand all the best for your future endeavors!

Apoorva Molugu

Having to design our wedding ‘save the date’ was a whole lotta fun with Bhagya! Just by having a look at Ann and my descriptions, she was able to come with good storyboards. Uncannily, it was exactly what I had been thinking of. I just knew then that Bhagya’s work was going to be amazing.  And it really was. Not only that, she managed to be super polite with a nagging, questioning, and prodding version of me. I am super happy with the work Bhagya has done for us (and yes, ending up as her #1 customers – nope, I wont let that go)! :-D

Abhishek Joseph

Bhaghya is one of the easiest people I’ve worked with and made work so much fun. She gave a face to my brand new event & entertainment start up called On Flea.k. Past three editions would not have been successful if she hadn’t been a part of it.

Bhavya Mathew

We had the logo of our firm Aloha Holidays, designed by Bhaghya and it was exactly what we had in mind and couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Joseph Babu